Activities Industry Mutual Ltd

The reasons for establishing the Activities Industry Mutual were many but the main ones were to provide an ‘at cost’ alternative to the retail insurance market, to provide the optimum level of cover required, to ensure continuity of cover and to allow ownership by the mutual Members. A major advantage of a mutual is that it enables a level of control over the peaks and troughs of premium and cover levels in the standard market place.

Reciprocal agreement betweeen AIM and BAHA: a) AIM will pay for the initial BAHA inspection for: AIM members who become members of BAHA in 2009/10; BAHA members who transfer liability insurance to AIM in 2009/10 b) For companies that are currently members of both AIM and BAHA, AIM will pay for one inspection and for members who have multiple centres AIM will pay for the HO inspection, too except for AIM members whose gross contribution (premium equivalent) is less than £2,000, when: c) AIM will contribute 10% of the member’s gross contribution towards the BAHA inspection cost.