UK Outdoors and EquipUK press release

BAPA is one of the founding partners behind UK Outdoors and we are pleased to be able to share this exciting new development!

As providers across the outdoor sector prepare to restart provision in line with national guidelines, UK Outdoors (the industry body for outdoor learning, representing over 5,000 individuals and organisations in the outdoor and environmental education and adventure world) and Equip Outdoor Technologies Ltd. (UK based home of international outdoor brands Rab and Lowe Alpine) have announced a new partnership. Equip’s strategic plan brings together local and community action to promote the benefits of outdoor learning with support for UK Outdoors providers to play their fullest role in the recovery.  There is a pilot scheme to be announced shortly prior to the partnership being fully rolled out.

UK Outdoors is a collaboration of key organisations in the outdoor sector – the Institute for Outdoor Learning, the Association of Heads of Outdoor Education Centres, the British Activity Providers Association and the Outdoor Council.  It has been working with UK government throughout the pandemic to protect and promote the value of outdoor experiences, especially for children and young people. UK Outdoors believes that planned and purposeful time spent learning and playing outside has a unique positive influence in people’s lives, and that this has never been more important.

  Jim Evans MD, Equip.

Jim Evans, Marketing Director at Equip, explains: “Getting outdoor education restarted is extremely important. So many of us who work at Equip know the benefits that outdoor education can give. For many employees, it was these opportunities that ultimately led us to work in the outdoor industry. For some time, Equip has run initiatives to support this vital provision through volunteering programs and local action and this opportunity with UK Outdoors allows us to grow this support still further. Working with UK Outdoors, not only as financial sponsors, but also as a business development partner, brings opportunities to share our business, financial and marketing skills and expertise to further promote and offer outdoor opportunities for all.”

Jim Whittaker, Chair AHOEC and UK Outdoors member.

Jim Whittaker, Chair, Association of Heads of Outdoor Education Centres and UK Outdoors member, says: “Members of UK Outdoors organisations have shown incredible resilience throughout many months of effective closure – moreover, they have responded with innovation, energy and drive to continue providing the experiences for children and young people that evidence has shown time and again to be so uniquely beneficial for their development, health and wellbeing. We are so pleased to be working with Equip as partners – they share our philosophy, understand the challenges we face, and recognise that partnership working across all aspects of our sector brings the incredible benefits of being outdoors to more young people.”

About UK Outdoors
UK Outdoors is the industry body for outdoor learning, representing over 5,000 individuals and organisations in the outdoor and environmental education and adventure world. It provides one voice and the best support for individuals and organisations throughout the sector.
Outdoor learning changes lives and provides opportunities for all, regardless of background. The sector holds a pivotal role in supporting schools to develop students’ social and mental health wellbeing through adventure and engagement with the natural environment.

The outdoor learning sector delivers formative educational experiences to at least 2m children and young people across the UK every year. The sector provides over 16,000 jobs and £700m to the UK economy.
UK Outdoors includes the following organisations:

  • AHOEC – Association of Heads of Outdoor Education Centres
  • BAPA – British Activity Providers Association
  • IOL – Institute for Outdoor Learning
  • OC – Outdoor Council

About Equip Outdoor Technologies Ltd.
Equip Outdoor Technologies UK Ltd is an international business with the head office based in Derbyshire, UK. We are proud to own both the Rab and Lowe Alpine brands. We design exceptional products to meet the needs of our active customers. We encourage our teams to thrive and be part of our success. Our passion for the outdoors and adventurous spirit sets the foundation for what we do. Equip is proud to be a certified climate neutral company.