Frequently Asked Questions

Whilst we think we have given as much information about our members and the fantastic activities they provide, we know that you will have some questions.

That's why we have posted some of the more frequently asked here to help you!

Does membership of BAPA guarantee an LOtC badge?

Membership of BAPA is only one part of going through an accreditation process to confirm that your activities and centre(s) meet the exacting standards that we expect from our members. The Learning Outside the Classroom Quality Badge (LOtC Q/B) is a nationally recognised indicator of your competence and quality. However, we have some members who do not meet the criteria for accreditation through the LOtC Q/B system, (e.g. sports camps) but they are still inspected every two years and can receive BAPA accredited centre status if they pass their inspection.  Please do contact us if you have any questions regarding accreditation of a BAPA member site.

What happens next if we fail an inspection?

We try to help you address and change things where necessary, so that you can pass the inspection and be accredited. That doesn't mean that we will reduce the inspection and accreditation criteria, more that we will give you advice and support to help you develop and within a carefully agreed action plan and time table, your centre should ultimately gain accreditation which will keep on keep on building your business.  As one member commented..." BAPA inspects with you, and not at you...". The aim of the inspection process is to confirm the standards are being maintained and where the site has some deficiencies to help address them safely and speedily.

Why should I join BAPA instead of (or as well as) other industry associations? 

So think of BAPA as your business support group! With 130 centres spread across England Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, andmembers having sites in France, Spain, the Channel Islands, and the Isle of Man, there is real value in knowing that other centres will have had similar experiences to whatever your problem might be and the peer network can help you develop the right solution. BAPA represents out members views on such forums as The Outdoor Council and The Adventure Activity Industry Advisory Committee. The benefits for all members include the following:

  • BAPA provides members with clear operating guidance and support in a comprehensive code of practice.
  • BAPA inspection provides an AAIAC approved route to accreditation of Adventuremark and the Learning Outside the Classroom Quality Badge.
  • BAPA will keep you informed of latest information and developments via its website and email post.
  • BAPA represents the commercial sector on a number of important national forums – AAIAC, and the Outdoor Council.
  • BAPA participates in influencing and lobbying initiatives to support industry and sector interests.
  • BAPA organises an annual conference where members can network and keep up with latest changes in the industry.

On becoming a full member of BAPA, all members receive the following benefits:

  • Use of BAPA logo
  • Membership certificate for display
  • Free entry on to BAPA website
  • The Code of Practice provides much advice and information to support BAPA members in manage their business
  • On line and telephone support is available to members from the National Director office and the inspection team.
  • Links to our specialist insurers, Activity Industry Mutual for advice and support.
  • We offer our Croner legal help line to all members as part of their membership – this covers financial, legal and HR advice and information including a free monthly bulletin.

NB, this list is not complete - just a flavour of how we try to help and support our members!

How does joining BAPA improve my business?

The aim of any membership organisation like BAPA is to help build business.  As this quote puts it:

"Trade associations have a crucial role to play in promoting best practice, helping companies become more competitive and
formulating effective public policy and delivery. They have tremendous potential to act as a co-ordinated voice of business
when talking to Government, and great value in terms of quickly disseminating messages about Government policy to their
members. Productive engagement between associations and Government is very important for the policy making process…
Ian Lucas MP, Minister for Business and Regulatory Reform
Department for Business, Innovation and Skills
November 2009"

This remains as current a statement as anyone could wish for; promoting BAPA members interests, helping them become more competitive and acting as a coordinated voice to government and other interested sectors.

What support is available from BAPA if I have a problem or issue?

The Association has a National Director, Pete Stacey, who is normally the first point of contact.  Many issues can be addressed simply by looking through the members Code of Practice, a comprehensive information source that is updated at least once every year and sent to all members.  The BAPA membership and inspection team has a wealth of knowledge and experience about activities, equipment and centre management.