Job Vacancies

Working with young people in the fun and rewarding environment of a BAPA centre offers a refreshing alternative to the nine-to-five routine.

Sharing all this with like-minded colleagues in a friendly and informal atmosphere can be incredibly enjoyable and satisfying.

It can also provide vocational and skills training that will considerably enhance your CV, as well as provide unparalleled work experience; and shape your future career prospects beyond recognition.

Whatever your skills, there's an opportunity awaiting you at a BAPA centre, if you display the right attitude and commitment. Although prior qualifications and / or experience can be desirable for some posts, BAPA members undertake to train their staff to the appropriate level to deliver a safe and successful product for their guests. The scale and details vary between members and their products.

BAPA members mostly recruit staff on a seasonal basis, often for employment between March and October. The job roles normally include:

  • Centre Senior - responsible for the planning, management and administration of holiday and course programmes.
  • Instructor or Activity Leader - responsible for running outdoor activity and sport sessions safely.
  • Group Leader or Counsellor or Monitor - responsible for the pastoral care of children in the evenings, as well as before, between and after sessions.
  • Catering Staff - responsible for producing meals to satisfy healthy appetites sharpened by all the exercise.
  • Support Staff - responsible for everything from looking after the equipment, to cleaning the centre, driving the centre vehicle and running the tuckshop (to name but a few!).

To find out more about these exciting opportunities, please contact the individual member by looking at their websites.