Code of Practice

Summary of the BAPA Code of Practice.

All BAPA members voluntarily accept and agree to adhere to the BAPA Code of Practice. Independent inspectors visit BAPA centres on a regular basis to ensure compliance. The main features of the Code of Practice are set out to reflect nationally recognised standards for activity provision as well as advice on wider aspects of business management. These standards are subject to ongoing review and amendment.

The BAPA Code of Practice is available to members only.

This valuable resource enables our members to remain up to date with good practice in all aspects of activity provision and delivery. It provides information about the inspection and accreditation schemes that members must abide to and follow. Every site of every member is independently inspected every two years and is subject to strict criteria on both safety and quality.

If you are interested in joining the Association, you should contact the Chief Operating Officer Paul Marshall on 07407 161273 or via email at


I. BAPA does not warrant, guarantee or insure that compliance with these standards will prevent any or all injury or loss that may be caused by or associated with any person’s use of facilities, equipment, or other items or activities that are the subject of these standards; nor does BAPA assume any responsibility or liability for any such injury or loss.

II. BAPA expressly disclaims any responsibility, liability or duty to members, members’ personnel and to members’ customers and their families, or any such liability arising out of injury or loss to any person by the failure of members or members’ personnel to adhere to these standards.