Member Benefits

The British Activity Providers Association has over 30 years experience of working with providers of school activity courses, adventure activities, day camps and other activity providers.

It is the trade association run by providers for providers and their customers. It is acknowledged, respected and consulted by members of the outdoor industry, relevant Government departments, regulatory bodies and the media.

Over the years it has amassed a wealth of information and guidance which is a benefit to any provider and which is now captured in the BAPA Members Code of Practice. It addresses practical problems in a practical way. It provides information, support and accreditation for members that comply with the benchmark standards of its Code of Practice.  We support and encourage new members to help them meet the nationally recognised accreditation standards, as well as offering consultancy and training opportunities to help them build stronger and more resilient businesses, whether they are a commercial provider, or a charitable trust or a single person provider.

With 130 centres spread across England Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, andmembers having sites in France, Spain, the Channel Islands, and the Isle of Man, there is real value in knowing that other centres will have had similar experiences to whatever your problem might be and the peer network can help you develop the right solution. BAPA represents out members views on such forums as The Outdoor Council and The Adventure Activity Industry Advisory Committee. The benefits for all members include the following:

  • BAPA provides members with clear operating guidance and support in a comprehensive code of practice.
  • BAPA inspection provides an AAIAC approved route to accreditation of Adventuremark and the Learning Outside the Classroom Quality Badge.
  • BAPA will keep you informed of latest information and developments via its website and email post.
  • BAPA represents the commercial sector on a number of important national forums – AAIAC, and the Outdoor Council.
  • BAPA participates in influencing and lobbying initiatives to support industry and sector interests.
  • BAPA organises an annual conference where members can network and keep up with latest changes in the industry.

On becoming a full member of BAPA, all members receive the following benefits:

  • Use of BAPA logo
  • Membership certificate for display
  • Free entry on to BAPA website
  • The Code of Practice provides much advice and information to support BAPA members in manage their business
  • On line and telephone support is available to members from the National Director office and the inspection team.
  • Links to our specialist insurers, Activity Industry Mutual for advice and support.
  • We offer our Croner legal help line to all members as part of their membership – this covers financial, legal and HR advice and information including a free monthly bulletin.

NB, this list is not complete - just a flavour of how we try to help and support our members!