Why Choose BAPA?

BAPA sets the standard for Quality, Safety and Value for activity centres and residential and day camp providers; so whether you’re choosing a centre for your next visit or you wish to apply to become an accredited member of BAPA, your search starts here……

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The activity season is nearly over for another year but

our members have been gaining awards - See our Facebook Page!

With over 100 centres all inspected and accredited

though independent inspection,

our members can supply all your activity needs.

If you want to join this growing membership,

please email our National Director

Pete Stacey - pete@thebapa.org.uk

or please telephone 01746 769982


Evidence of the impact of using a BAPA member is summarised

by the following quote:

"Overall, studies of adventure learning interventions

consistently show positive benefits on academic learning,

and wider outcomes such as self-confidence.

On average, pupils who participate in adventure learning

interventions appear to make approximately three additional

months’ progress. The evidence suggests that the impact

is greater for longer courses (more than a week),

and those in a ‘wilderness’ setting, though other types

of intervention still show some positive impacts."

Source – Education Endowment Foundation

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The BAPA Quality Experience: Members and their customers can be re-assured that the BAPA scheme is backed by a detailed Code of Practice that provides excellent guidance and is reviewed annually. Besides agreeing to follow these standards, BAPA members are subject to frequent inspection to ensure that theory is borne out in practice. The BAPA scheme is an approved route to both the new national Adventuremark accreditation and the Learning Outside the Classroom Quality Badge.

BAHA British Activity Holiday AssociationBAHA British Activity Holiday AssociationBAHA British Activity Holiday AssociationBAHA British Activity Holiday AssociationBAHA British Activity Holiday Association