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BAPA sets the standard for Quality, Safety and Value for activity centres and residential and day camp providers; so whether you’re choosing a centre for your next visit or you wish to apply to become an accredited member of BAPA, your search starts here……

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BAPA News!!

BAPA is proud to be supporting the Get Set programme with the aim of getting young people and their schools involved in this summer's Olympics and Paralympics that run through to Mid Setember 2016.  The aim of Get Set and the Road to Rio challenge is to build on London 2012 legacy and to encourage young people to to instil the Olympic and Paralympic Values as part of young people’s everyday lives, and encourage healthy, active lifestyles at home and in the wider community. 

For more details go to http://www.getset.co.uk/

Other News

The 2016 season is now well over half way and BAPA centres continue to provide excellent opportunities for families to have breaks together over the summer holidays and for youth groups to enjoy their annual camps.  Evidence of the impact of using a BAPA member is summarised by the following quote:

"Overall, studies of adventure learning interventions consistently show positive benefits on academic learning, and wider outcomes such as self-confidence. On average, pupils who participate in adventure learning interventions appear to make approximately three additional months’ progress. The evidence suggests that the impact is greater for longer courses (more than a week), and those in a ‘wilderness’ setting, though other types of intervention still show some positive impacts."

Source - Education Endowment Foundation

For more details please have a look at https://educationendowmentfoundation.org.uk/toolkit/toolkit-a-z/outdoor-adventure-learning/  

We have a Facebook page - find us and like the page at https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-British-Activity-Providers-Association/1556852887901521 

We occasionally get asked about BAPA members activity centres being safe for schools to use.  Any BAPA member will have been inspected either last year or will be inspected in 2016.  Many hold the Learning Outside the Classroom Quality Badge and it is this quality mark that nearly all Councils now recognise as a simple clear way of knowing that a site with this badge has been inspected for safety and quality and that schools should accept this as evidence that they do not need to ask for lots of documentation on risk assessments, policies or procedures.  This is all about removing barriers for schools to get children out on activities and not stopping them from enjoying the outdoors and the widest possible range of activities our members can provide!  

If you are in any doubt then you should please contact the BAPA office on 01746 769982 and discuss your thoughts with the National Director, Pete Stacey.

Other News 

We held a very successful AGM at PGL Liddington in June  2016 and appointed a sixth Director to lead the Association forwards.  The meeting also heard about the successful members workshop from January 2016 and that plans are already underway for the January 2017 event.

The British Activity Providers Association represents activity providers in a range of ways; we promote the work of our members and support them in building a vibrant healthy activity sector which provides exciting and safe activities, delivered by competent staff in a wide range of environments. Our members have sites throughout England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales as well as the Isle of Man, Jersey and overseas in France and Spain.

With over 100 activity centres there is every certainty that our members can provide the activity you are looking for, whether it is an educational programme for your school or youth group, or a family activity break, or a corporate challenge.

Have a look at the members list and find out what our members can do for you!

Other news 

BAPA membership is continuing to grow! After the 10 new members with 16 centres who joined the Association in 2014/15 we have 3 more new members who have all been inspected and become full members.  Welcome to Adventure Central, Carreg Adventure and Rock and River!

Membership continues to grow with Blaithwaite House, Mount Cook, Activ Camps all joining in 2016 - these sites and centres  will be inspected and if successful these prospective members will be invited to join as full members in 2016/2017.

All our members will be running their 2016 programmes and delivering lots of exciting and adventurous activities to hundreds of thousands of youngsters. Some members will provide day camp programmes whilst others will offer a complete residential experience – there is no single pattern of programme or operation across the BAPA membership, which as said above is growing at present.

Many of our members centres will be inspected and accredited in 2016; many will also gain the Learning Outside the Classroom Accreditation Quality Badge which covers health, safety and learning support when providing an activity to their customers.   Every BAPA member centre is always inspected every two years.

You can see if your centre has been accredited for this nationally recognised award by going to the following website: http://lotcqualitybadge.org.uk/search 

Our inspection and accreditation programme was moderated by Adventure Activity Associates to ensure that we are accrediting our members to the required standards for Adventuremark and the Learning Outside the Classroom Quality Badge.  The outcome was very successful and part of the report is shown below:

"The Scheme is well managed and keeps good records of providers, inspections and accreditations. This is crucial, as the BAPA methodology of inspection requires that there is good communication between inspectors and that good records are centrally maintained.This allows a more focused approach with improved consistency and rigour."

The BAPA Code of Practice

This document has been developed over many years by members of the Association and with input from expert advisers when necessary.  It sets out the standards by which all members commit to uphold and ensure they provide a quality experience which is exciting and safe.  The Code  was revised in 2016 and is now available to associate and full members only.

Contacting the British Activity Providers Association

If you have a query or want more information about the Association you can contact us in the following ways:


Please look at the members list and make contact directly with the member

TELEPHONE CONTACT – 01746 769982 – If the office is closed please leave a message with your name and number and we’ll return your call when the office is next open.

FOR MEMBERSHIP INSPECTIONS OR ACCREDITATION ENQUIRIES -  please contact our National Director, Peter Stacey on 01746 769982  or 07888 841792 or email him at Pete@thebapa.org.uk 

Accounts and general email can be sent to info@thebapa.org.uk 

We look forward to hearing from you!

The BAPA Quality Experience: Members and their customers can be re-assured that the BAPA scheme is backed by a detailed Code of Practice that provides excellent guidance and is reviewed annually. Besides agreeing to follow these standards, BAPA members are subject to frequent inspection to ensure that theory is borne out in practice. The BAPA scheme is an approved route to both the new national Adventuremark accreditation and the Learning Outside the Classroom Quality Badge.

BAHA British Activity Holiday AssociationBAHA British Activity Holiday AssociationBAHA British Activity Holiday AssociationBAHA British Activity Holiday AssociationBAHA British Activity Holiday Association